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We're Gaining Ground

05/12/2024 8:33 AM | Anonymous

Dear TBFB Board and Members:

President Rettig, Treasurer Clark, and I had a very busy week lobbying and advocating on behalf of all members in the TBFB family. Our education and advocacy brought us back before Pinellas County decision makers in our quest to set aside the East Beach in Fort DeSoto for nude recreation.

So far, TBFB has personally met six of the seven commissioners in Pinellas County, including Chair Peters. We also met with Sheriff Gaultieri, a most influential figure in Pinellas County politics, and left with positive feedback and an open door policy to discuss implementation and operations when the time comes.

The most important job the TBFB family can do at this juncture in the process of education and advocacy is for us to focus our efforts in building goodwill with each Commissioner by establishing friendships and trust. We accomplish this by participating and supporting their election or reelection campaigns through the Primaries (August 20, 2024) and General election (November 5th, 2024).

How can I help? Please reach out to President Rettig with your desire to help. All help, monetary or the gift of your time, is extremely valuable.

ACTION PLAN:  TBFB will seek to support our friends in the Commission and those running by doing the following:

  • Volunteer one Saturday for 2-3 hours to walk (canvas) neighborhoods on behalf of our friends.
  • Raise funds of any denomination to help with the election or reelection efforts.
  • Volunteer to participate in a Phone bank calling residents of Pinellas County to support our candidate friends by way of telephone calls.
  • And lastly, please familiarize yourself with each candidate and encourage your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, business associates, and neighbors to support our friends thus ensuring a positive outcome in our quest to secure a future beach.

We are now preparing to meet with the County Manager and his professional staff, including the Assistant County Attorney, and Parks Director. These are the meetings that will set in motion the creation of an Ordinance and Resolution securing and setting aside the East Beach at Fort DeSoto.

In closing we "THANK YOU" for your support, commitment, and vision.

Yours truly,

Ramon Maury
CEO, Maury Management Group

Healthcare & Government Solutions
Phone: (850) 222-1568

Tampa Bay Free Beaches
Post Office Box 951
Palm Harbor, FL 34682


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