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About Us

Our Vision...

We believe that with the growth of clothing optional naturist recreational facilities at public beaches and private resorts that there will be a corresponding growth in safe and sustainable tourism, jobs and taxes for the Tampa Bay Area. Through fund raisers, beach concessions and donations we hope to be in a position to foster and support legislative changes that will not only favor the opening of a clothing optional beach on the west coast of Florida, but also support the other clothing-optional beaches and organizations in their legislative endeavors to protect all of Florida’s clothing-optional beaches as well as serving the surrounding communities.

"Read All About It"

The Naturist Society featured Tampa Bay Free Beaches in a Nude & Natural Magazine article (Issue 40.4, Summer 2021). Among other things, the article describes the history and mission of TBFB. Click here to read it now.

Meet the Leadership Team

MARYANNE RETTIG - Board of Directors, President

Originally from Pasadena, Maryanne is a genuine California Girl at her core. Still, she’s been smothered, covered, chunked, and topped in Florida sunshine for most of her life. She’s been an avid nudist for over 15 years, so she’s definitely at home on the beach (although she has a slight preference for the mountains). Maryanne is the mother of four adult children, has 11 grandchildren, and is the great-grandmother of two grand-babies. As if that didn’t keep her busy enough, Maryanne is the first President of TBFB, holding that office for two years now. In 2021, she was also voted onto the board of the American Association for Nude Recreation Florida. She is a member of AANR, The Naturist Society, Treasure Coast Naturists, South Florida Free Beaches, and Nautical Nudists. All of that responsibility leaves little time to pursue her love of reading and crocheting. Although Maryanne is crazy about dogs, she had to “settle” for the love of her life, Jack Clark. They live in Lutz, Florida, and are optimistic support is increasing for a clothing-optional beach in the Tampa Bay area. Maryanne says, “If you want one here, work with us to make it happen!”

RAY COMPERATORE - Board of Directors, Vice President

Ray Comperatore’s first nudist experience was not a good one. Suffice it to say that 20-year old Ray wanted to go to a local resort. As was common then, the folks in charge denied him entrance as a single male. But, being from the mean streets of Philadelphia, Ray is not one to sit back and call it quits. If living well is the best revenge, then eventually getting naked on the beaches of St. Martin put him in the upper echelon. Ten years ago, he retired from selling logistics services (twice receiving Salesman of the Year awards). He relocated to Palm Harbor soon afterward with his bride of 50 years. Their two sons have given them four grandchildren. When the Comperatores aren’t busy with that cast of characters, Ray stays busy creating and promoting the fledgling TBFB Beach Ambassador’s program. He’s also involved in AANR and the Nautical Nudists when he isn’t daydreaming about living in Sint Maarten. Always upbeat and optimistic, Ray encourages everyone to “Keep the faith – we will get it done where others have failed!”

JACK CLARK - Board of Directors, Treasurer

If you catch a glimpse of ever-smiling Jack with clothes on, don’t blink, you’ll miss it. Jack Clark lives at Lake Como Family Nudist Resort with Maryanne Rettig. He declares he wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. We think it might have something to do with being born and raised on the frozen tundra of Rhode Island. His original career choice was astronaut, but he found the field of Optometry to be more realistic and has peeped at people’s peepers for almost 40 years. As the Treasurer for TBFB, Jack managed to secure a 501(c)(7) designation for the organization. That alone is an accomplishment, but coupled with TBFB staying in the black since its creation, it’s clear he’s also a skilled financial manager. When not attending to TBFB business, Jack relaxes by cooking and working in their yard to create a hospitable environment for the local wildlife. Somewhere in there, he also manages to support the efforts of AANR, The Naturist Society, Treasure Coast Naturists, B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation, South Florida Free Beaches, and Nautical Nudists. Since his first nude experience on Playalinda Beach some 17 years ago, Jack has had a vision for a similar beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Helping form and get TBFB off the ground is only the beginning.

JEAN HERNDON - Board of Directors, Secretary

Tampa Bay Free Beaches is fortunate to have an experienced hand keeping all our records in order. Retired receptionist, Jean Herndon, lives at Lake Como Family Resort with her husband of 46 years, Charly, and their cat, Nanners. They started out as snowbirds, flying in for the winter and migrating back home to Denver, Colorado, during the warmer months. The allure of living au naturale all-year-round eventually won out. However, she says she wouldn’t mind living in St. Martin or even Ireland, Scotland, or Denmark. Jean cites her daughter as her proudest life accomplishment and enjoys spending time with her two teenage grandchildren. A naturist for about forty years, Jean joined TBFB as the Secretary from the organization’s start. When she isn’t working on the board’s business records, Jean expresses her creative side by making greeting cards, working on sewing projects, and even doing some body painting. She’s a valuable resource for TBFB and our work to secure a clothing-optional beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

TRACY REGER - Board of Directors, At Large

If you want an example of the best aspects of naturism, look no further than Tracy Reger. The Ohio native has lived in the Tampa Bay area for 30 years now, advocating non-sexual nudity, body positivity, and a healthy lifestyle. As a licensed Massage Therapist, Tracy uses her capable hands as tools to provide healing and a sense of well-being. You’ll often see her massage table located in a shady, outdoor pavilion at Lake Como Family Resort, where she provides massages for many of her clients. In fact, Lake Como is where Tracy’s naturism took off when a friend brought her along to participate in a nude run. Her position on the board is At Large, but Tracy is actively involved in all aspects of TBFB. She lists going to the state capital in Tallahassee (twice!) with other board members to promote naturism and the TBFB mission as a highlight in her life. Her involvement with TBFB started from the very beginning of the organization. She says she counts it a blessing to be a part of it all. We feel the same about Tracy.

PATRICK KROEGER - Newsletter Editor

Affable Patrick Kroeger began his life in Hamilton, Ohio. He grew up in Clearwater, so he’s been granted special status as a native Floridian, calling Palm Harbor home now. If he could live anywhere, though, he’d opt for Vero Beach or the beautiful Appalachian Mountain foothills of Blue Ridge, Georgia. Patrick wisely chose his ideal job as a career–30 years as a firefighter (now retired). He and his wife of 26 years, Debbie, are parents and grandparents; this last accomplishment, he considers his most significant in life. They are also members of the Vintage Chevrolet Club, for which Patrick has served as Region Director for the last four years. He’s been a naturist for 50 of his years. Some of his favorite places to spend time au naturel are Lake Como Resort, Blind Creek Beach, and his own backyard. For the last two years, when he isn’t out biking or restoring antique trucks, Patrick has been the Editor of TBFB’s monthly newsletter. Patrick says he was motivated to team up with TBFB because he likes both the organizational mission and the other board members. TBFB is a group made up of talented, friendly, and motivated people, just like Patrick.

JEFFREY NOLAN - Communications Liaison

Jeffrey shed his clothes and sprouted his naturist wings when he moved to Florida, from Minnesota, in 1998. Friends took him to Playalinda Beach, and the experience proved to be a life-altering adventure. He is still thanking his friends to this day! Jeffrey lives in Largo with his purebred dachshund, Sophie, who naturally rules the roost (and doesn’t wear clothes either). He is a retired City of Clearwater IT professional who worked at the Pillsbury Company in Minneapolis for many years. These days, as a member of several active LGBT social groups, Jeffrey’s afternoons and evenings are filled with going to brunches, dinners, films, and other activities with friends. He is a member of AANR and is proud and honored to serve TBFB as Communication Liaison.

DAVE CARLSON - Visual Communications

Dave Carlson would spend a day with Leonardo da Vinci if he could. He would then add some of the 14th century Renaissance man’s genius to his own 30 years of marketing, advertising, and graphic design experience. With that, Dave is pretty sure he could rule the world; ideally, from his own Caribbean island outpost! For now, though, his more modest goal is simply to make TBFB look as professional and cohesive visually as they are organizationally. For Dave, presenting a polished visual presence is imperative for generating credibility with a skittish public. He and his wife live halfway between Lake Como Family Resort and Cypress Cove Resort. It’s convenient for the long-time naturists, but a clothing-optional beach near Tampa is the holy grail. So between his commitment to the mission of TBFB, and his involvement with AANR, TNS, and Nautical Nudists, Dave is all-in. He challenges, “If you truly want to enjoy the benefits of a clothing-optional beach in this area, put your money where your mouth is. For less than the cost of a pair of flip flops, your entire family can team up with TBFB to make it happen!”

STEVE BEBELL - Wild Apricot System Administrator

Steve spent most of his life in Colorado, has lived in Southern California, and now lives in Florida with his wife Connie at the Lake Como family nudist resort in the Tampa Bay area. They have one adult child who lives in Florida as well. Steve never saw himself as a nudist until one day in 2010 when Connie surprised him by taking them to a local nudist resort. They both became enthusiastic nudists, openly sharing the benefits of this new way of living. When they retired in 2021 they relocated to Florida to live in a nudist community. Steve has worked in construction, mechanics, law enforcement and information technology, and for the last 25 years of his working career, he was the information services director for a large law enforcement agency. They are active at Lake Como, involved in the nudist church there and helping within the community in various other ways. Steve is excited to be a part of the efforts of TBFB and has been helping to update business processes by transitioning TBFB to a new membership management solution provided by a company called Wild Apricot.

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