Yes, You ARE Important!

02/15/2024 9:40 AM | Anonymous

TBFB is looking for people with these skills:

FUNDRAISER: Do you have experience and expertise in raising serious cash for nonprofits? We’re not talkin’  bake sales, car washes, or bank robbery here. We’re looking for an individual who can work with our Board of Directors to raise $10,000 by the end of this year. This is a volunteer position. For more information, email

LEGAL EXPERT: Are you a Legal Eagle with a keen understanding of Federal and State laws pertaining to nonprofits? We need your volunteer expertise to keep us on the straight and narrow. (Billing rate: $0 per hour)  For more information, email

SOCIAL MEDIA GURU: We are looking for a  volunteer who really knows how to leverage social media to maximum advantage. We’re currently on Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok (although we haven’t figured out TikTok yet). Work with our creative team to make sure people are kept up-to-date with everything TBFB and take us to heights heretofore unknown! For more information, email

Tampa Bay Free Beaches
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Palm Harbor, FL 34682


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