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We're working to create a legal, family-friendly, clothing-optional beach in the Tampa/St Pete area.

Florida's Gulf Coast has no designated clothing-optional beach. (The Atlantic Coast has four!). We intend to correct that inequity through public education and legislative changes. These slow (but sure) means to our goal depend on  your help and support.

Would you like to enjoy a beautiful au naturel day at a beach in the Tampa Bay Area? JOIN US!


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You will love the freedom, friendships and fun found on clothing-optional beaches, where without clothes, we are all equal. Enjoy the bonds created by the naturist way of life. Here are some things you need to know before you go:

RESPECT THE BEACH: Avoid wildlife and environmentally fragile areas. Beaches are often in areas safeguarding endangered species of fowl, fish and fauna. Therefore, avoid endangering the habitat with fire, pollution or even potentially dangerous consumables.

PROTECT THE BEACH: Keep the beach clean. You pack it in, you pack it out. Leave the beach better than you found it.

KNOW WHERE YOU CAN AND CANNOT BE NUDE: Dress before leaving the designated clothing-optional use areas. We lose when we disrespect the wishes of folks who don’t share our naturist lifestyle and you could be arrested or trespassed off the beach by law enforcement.

BEHAVIOR: Be polite to everyone. Do not violate personal space. Some people love solitude. Some may not be into you. Remember that “no” means “no.” Look for folks who are comfortable with you in their space.

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: Always get permission before capturing images that may include people. Do NOT share images without permission.

NOISE: Use headsets or keep sound system volumes turned low. Most beach goers visit the beach to rest and relax.

HYGIENE = TOWELS: Always sit on a towel when nude. Carry one with you when you leave your spot on the beach. Whether to sit on or wrap around yourself when you walk to public areas such as picnic benches, food stands or restrooms, you will be more comfortable, as will those around you.

BEACH SUPPLIES: Bring your own beach supplies for fun, meals, thirst and first-aid. Never show up without plenty of water, sun glasses, towel, sunscreen and umbrella or windscreen if they are not available for rent.

SEXUALITY: Wholesome, non-sexual behavior is expected. Sexually suggestive gestures, language or displays of affection that may be considered lewd are not only inappropriate, but they are against the law.

CHILDREN: Children are welcome but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. You are responsible for their conduct at all times. Never approach or play with children unfamiliar to you. Never give children food, beverages, toys or anything else without their parents’ permission. Do NOT photograph, record video or share images of nude children.

EYE CONTACT: No staring. You don’t want to be labeled a gawker who is there for the wrong reasons. Keep your eyes to yourself.

COMMUNICATION: Bring your phone. Know how to contact local authorities. Call for help if you or anyone else is in danger or in need of help.

SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY THAT SUPPORTS CLOTHING-OPTIONAL BEACHES: OK, this isn’t a rule, but we need public support to remain viable, so please consider patronizing local businesses!

News to Know

We Mean Business

Naturists already contribute over $7 billion to Florida’s economy each year. This 60-second video explains how creating a clothing-optional beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast will bring business dollars directly to our area.

For an even more in-depth understanding of the economic benefits of clothing-optional beaches, watch Free Beaches Make Dollars and Sense."

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